We offer a number of products and services for sale. Have a look at the various products and services and contact us if you have any questions or need help in making a the right selection. We can help find you the right size composter or the most economical service plan.

vRecycle can also help design the a waste disposal system for your home or community that looks awesome and is also within your budget.

Did you know that we also buy recyclables at our warehouse? We also sell compost from our warehouse.

Since 1999, we’ve also been organizing education programmes and workshops for schools and those interested. Up to 4 times a year, we organize the ‘Goa Programme’, organizing a waste related tour for foreign students that are usually from Sweden or Canada.


10 thoughts on “Products & Services

  1. Wow, this is so great what you are doing! We are holding also environmental education lessons and would love to join your activities. We will give the teachers your contact numbers, thank you for this great idea!

  2. We are from Mumbai.We would like to have similer programmes in schools and housing societies.What way you can assist us?Can we get material for presentation?

  3. Hello Clinton,
    Couldf you please share your presentation and price list for your services forindividual home and community

  4. I was always having a dream to create a Startup on waste management since when i was a child. And trust me guys, u all have done a great job. I m really glad. What i have dreamed is to manage wast, make environment good and clean, plus provide a reputed employment to all workes. Let me elaborate.
    Hi my name Shankar, from Odisha. Currently doing my b.tech in Computer science engineering. So i was telling you about my idea.
    Treating waste is just noble, the world don’t realize now but one day they will regret. So never stop this work. You have done ur 1st step very well i.e. start in a small scale. Now all you have yo do is to expand it in the whole state and then in the whole country.
    For that:
    1) keep using media power
    2) tell ur noble plans to environmentalist, government etc
    3)You will need more money, so to increase ur revenue ask company to buy all the plastic and waste products in good relevant price. Because they r gonna recycle it and save huge money.
    4) Create a donation/contribute button on ur sites main page.
    5) Write about ur plans to Modi government. In mygov site.

    Hope my words have helped u.

  5. i recently come towards your video highlighting on internet. very much appreciate towards the initiative taken by you people in preserving the environment of Goa.would love to join such activities.
    best wishes

  6. Hey dear u are doing a wonderful work for the environment. I would also want to replica such setup at our place (town) . Please guide

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