If you are a first time visitor, we suggest you follow this first refund sheet. Advanced recyclers that have visited us before my look below for the more detailed listing of refunds.

Refund Rates

valid from: January 2020 to March 2021

  • PET Bottles                                                                           Rs. 10/kg
  • TetraPak Cartons                                                                  Rs. 03/kg
  • Plastic Carry Bags (Clean Only)                                             Rs. 03/kg
  • Paper                                                                                     Rs. 01/kg
  • Newspaper & Cardboard                                                      Rs. 04/kg
  • Hard Plastic                                                                           Rs. 07/kg
  • Metal                                                                                     Rs. 10/kg
  • Glass (All types)                                                                     Rs. 02/kg
  • e-Waste (excluding batteries and lighting products)           Rs. 0/ kg
  • Non recyclable Waste (old clothes, thermocol, etc)             Rs. -02/kg (we charge you)


  • Receipt with date, item weights, customer name and contact number is mandatory.
  • No deductions will be made however non recyclable items will be pulled out.
  • 5% GST will be deducted only for refunds over Rs. 2500/-


If you are an advanced recycler, and have given us recyclables at least once, you may consider this refund list:

Advanced Refund Rates

valid from: Jan 20  – Mar 20

  • PET Bottles (50kg and above)                                               Rs. 15/kg
  • TetraPak Cartons (100kg and above)                                    Rs. 04.4/kg
  • Plastic Carry Bags (Clean Only)                                             Rs. 04/kg
  • Paper – Colored/Magazines                                                  Rs. 1.5/kg
  • Paper – White Office Prints/Notebooks                                Rs. 05/kg
  • Newspaper & Cardboard                                                      Rs. 05/kg
  • Hard Plastic                                                                           Rs. 08/kg
  • Metal – Sheet Metal                                                              Rs. 10/kg
  • Metal – Cast Iron                                                                   Rs. 14/kg
  • Metal – Copper/Brass                                                            Rs. 250/kg
  • Metal – Aluminum Cans/Perfume spray cans                        Rs. 50/kg
  • Metal – Aluminum Foil/Food Containers                               Rs. 15/kg
  • Glass (White Only)                                                                  Rs. 02/kg
  • Glass (Green/Brown)                                                               Rs. 0.5/kg
  • Glass Bottle – Old Monk, Real, Wine S. Cap                           Rs. 12/doz
  • Glass Bottle – Kingfisher, Tuborg, Budweiser, Kings               Rs. 06/doz
  • Glass Bottle – Tonic Water, Breezer                                        Rs. 06/doz
  • e-Waste (excluding batteries and lighting products)            Rs. 05/kg
  • Used Cooking Oil (Spent Oil)                                                 Rs. 05/lt
  • Non Recyclable Waste (Clothes, Rubber, Thermocol)           Rs.  -3/kg


  • Receipt with date, item weights, and customer name is mandatory.
  • For items such as TetraPak, Hard Plastic, Paper & PET bottles, 5-10% deduction will be made for moisture.
  • 5% GST will be deducted (18% GST for Metal scrap)
  • Refunds will be clubbed and payments will be made by cheque every 90 days.

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