Waste pickup, treatment and disposal services for:

  • individual homes
  • Communities (Housing societies, colony’s)
  • Business institutions (Banks, offices, restaurants, schools)
  • Villages (via Government or CSR funding)
  • Festivals & singe day events


We also sell waste infrastructure such as:

  • Recycling Bins
  • Composting Units for Homes
  • Composting Units for gardens
  • Composting Units for Communities and Institutions
  • Signage stickers for bins & composters
  • Gloves, face masks, and other protective equipment.
  • Composting aids like effective microbes, fly and smell control liquids


We also believe in education and conduct a lot of education programmes:

  • General waste awareness sessions.
  • Composting workshops
  • Recycling workshops for students
  • School recycling programmes
  • International student visit programmes
  • Field visits to recycling factories, waste treatment sites, and dumpsites
  • Video screenings & presentations.

Design & Innovation

Purchase of recyclables

Reuse of waste