Products & Services

vRecycle can help you find the best infrastructure to set up the right infrastructure for your waste management needs. From the right size of composter to the cheapest recycling bin, and more. To look up composters and bins with their prices, click here Recycling Bins & Compost Units

And if you need to sign up with a yearly or monthly service plan, we have multiple plans for everybody.

For individual home owners and renters, please click here (Individual Service Plans)

If you live in a community or are a responsible cooperative society, you should click here (Community Service Plans)

If you are a representing a village authority (like a Village Panchayat), or part of the local garbage planning committee and want us to help you start a weekly or monthly village kerbside pickup with us you should click here (Village Service Plans)

For a comprehensive pricelist of the main products and services, please download our pricelist here .(Product Checklist)

3 thoughts on “Products & Services

  1. Wow, this is so great what you are doing! We are holding also environmental education lessons and would love to join your activities. We will give the teachers your contact numbers, thank you for this great idea!

  2. We are from Mumbai.We would like to have similer programmes in schools and housing societies.What way you can assist us?Can we get material for presentation?

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