vRecycle is a small waste management service company that services about 6000-8000 homes in Goa. While most of our work involves providing doorstep waste pickup, treatment and disposal services, we employ wastepickers, work with other wastepickers, and scrap dealers closely on better waste management practices.
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While we also sell waste infrastructure like composting units, recycling bins and service plans, we also do outreach, education, consultancy and design projects for NGOs, institutions, schools, etc.
vRecycle is a for profit organization set up by Clinton Vaz. Clinton is 37, and is from Benaulim, South Goa, India. He and his wife Emma Claire Bryant run the firm that employs about 15-18 employees.
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vRecycle currently operates out of a warehouse in the Margao Industrial Estate and is serviced by two vehicles that attend to 45+ community sites, 60+ individual sites and 2 village panchayats.