We also buy recyclable waste. However, we only pay those that drop their sorted recyclables at our warehouse.

VRecycle 042

How this works

  • Unsorted recyclable waste picked from your home:            we charge a fee.
  • Sorted recyclable waste picked from your home:                 we charge a fee.
  • Unsorted recyclable waste dropped at our warehouse:       no charge, no refund.
  • Sorted recyclable waste dropped at our warehouse:            we pay a refund.

For doorstep collections a fee is always levied to cover staff and transport costs.

Recyclable rates vary according to season. Please check the rates before you visit.

If you do plan to bring your recyclables for sale, do remember the following:

  • Look up our recyclable fraction list and sort your waste accordingly.
  • Collect as much as you can before you visit. Remember, the more you have, the more you will get paid.
  • Transport your recyclables in separate bags. (We can return the bags if requested).
  • Each item will be weighed in front of you and a reciept will be given.
  • The receipt must contain each recyclable fraction weight, your name and contact number.
  • A payment by cheque will be issued to within 7 days.
  • In case of refunds over Rs. 1000/-, 5% GST will be deducted.


All collected recyclable waste is recycled. We ensure that all the waste we accept is sorted into multiple fractions before being recycled. We sell recyclable waste to registered recyclers only.