vRecycle has developed extensive training modules for school students. The most commonly requested is the  ‘basic waste awareness’ designed to sensitize, educate and en-power students to make a change.


Basic Waste Awareness Presentation

45 mins

This waste awareness presentation consists of a number of photographs and videos that engage the students. From the effects of mismanaged waste, to the basics of segregation, composting and recycling. Students are encouraged to start recycling and composting and live props are circulated in the audience for better understanding. A Q&A session or quiz is done at the end of the session.


Advanced Waste Awareness Presentation

45 min

This is done after the basic presentation usually as a follow up. Advanced topics such as consumerism, planned obsolescence, composting, zero waste are presented and 30 mins are given to discussion.


Basic Waste Awareness + Activity

90 min

A basic waste awareness presentation followed by a practical activity. Usually a waste up cycling exercise or can also be a followup recyclable collection done a month later.


Film screening

90-120 min

A choice of a number of films on waste management, effects of mismanagement, consumerism, plastic disposal, recycling etc.


Field Visit

60-180 min

Visits to a working composting unit and/or recycling center and/or dumpsite to learn more about how waste is managed in Goa.


Field Activity – Waste Pickup

60 -120 min

An activity in batches of 10 students where they participate in a live village dry waste collection.