vRecycle has been managing waste in villages since 2010. Having worked with over 10 panchayats & municipalities, we invite you to consider our systems and services. Here’s some reasons why you should consider us:

  • We treat waste in an environmentally friendly manner. We do not burn or dump your waste anywhere.
  • We require a very small space for storage. We do not require a site that requires clearance from authorities.
  • We have Goa Government permission & consents to operate waste collection & treatment.
  • We work very closely with Department of Environment (DSTE)’s waste collection contractor for disposal of inert waste.
  • We conduct awareness session at village level as per your needs (at an additional fee).
  • The Panchayat does not require to purchase any expensive infrastructure.
  • We employ well trained staff, with standby staff in case of unexpected absence.
  • Our scalable and all-inclusive trip pricing allow us to be fairly priced.



  • Contact us and request a quote. When doing so mention the following info when doing so:
    • The number of homes ward wise in your village jurisdiction (including unoccupied).
    • The desired frequency of collection (weekly, bi-monthly, monthly)
    • Existing Waste Management Infrastructure (store room, vehicles, staff.)
    • Your budget for one-time costs as well as monthly costs
    • Suggested sites within the village for wet waste treatment (If required)
  • We will send you our suggested quote with options to choose from. We might choose to visit the village with your panch members in some situations.
  • Once decided by you and the other panch members, give us a work order to do collections on trial basis for 1 month. This will establish the actual volume of waste as well as route for collection.


Paperwork & Awareness

  • After the panchayat tenders the work, we will submit our quote based on actual requirements.
  • An awareness meeting for all residents organized by the panchayat is required before we begin services. At this meeting, info and collection timings will be discussed. At the end, info leaflets will be given.
  • After signing the service contract, we begin our collections on appointed day of the next month. Service invoices are expected to be paid before the service is completed.


Collection, Treatment & Disposal

  • All homes must store their dry waste in bags and place them by the nearest road on the appointed day.
  • Plastic bags soiled with food, diapers and tube lights is not permitted. Mixed waste will be left behind.
  • Each trip lasts about 4 hours and covers 200-300 homes.
  • Quoted price includes vehicle hire, collection staff, sorting staff, baling & loading of bales.
  • Monthly, Quarterly reports are made for Panchayat in order for submission to Pollution Control Board.


Villages presently serviced

Village                                     Schedule

Village Panchayat Corlim                                                           every mon, tue & wed

Village Panchayat Velsao (Only Rangavi Estate Ward)         daily

Village Panchayat Majorda Utorda Calata             first 4 Fridays of every month

Village Panchayat Betalbatim                                                    28th of every month

Village Panchayat Varca                                 7th, 15th, 21st and 30th of every month


If you would like to have us service your village, please speak to your Panchayat representative and then contact us.