vRecycle has been Managing waste in housing communities since 2009. With over 40+ communities signed up with us, we invite you to consider our systems and services. Here’s some reasons why you should consider us:

  • We treat waste in an environmentally friendly manner. We do not burn or dump your waste anywhere.
  • We divert all your waste picked by us from going to landfill or dumpsites.
  • We have Goa Government permission & consents to operate waste collection & treatment.
  • We customize our solutions to your needs. We assist in making right choices.
  • Our bins and infrastructure are aesthetically pleasing and can be placed anywhere.
  • We employ well trained staff, with standby staff in case of unexpected absence.
  • Our flexible plans and reduced transport costs allow us to be fairly priced.


Before you call us

  • Find out the following information:
    • The number of homes occupied in your community
    • The total number of homes (even unoccupied)
    • The desired frequency of collection (daily, alternate day, weekly)
    • Existing Waste Management Infrastructure (bins, compost unit, etc.)
    • Your budget for one-time costs as well as monthly costs
    • Suggested sites within the community for waste treatment
  • We will then send you an updated costing sheet with options to choose from.
  • We might choose to visit the site in some situations


Paperwork and initial setup

  • After deciding on the infrastructure and service plan, you must write out a cheque to us and/or give us a work order for us to begin infrastructure.
  • On collection of the cheque, we will leave you with a service contract to sign.
  • Installation of Infrastructure takes between 1-4 weeks.
  • An awareness meeting for all residents will be organized before we begin services. At this meeting, info and collection timings will be discussed. At the end, handouts will be given, and home bins may be purchased.
  • After receiving the service contract, we begin our collections on the 1st or 15th of the next month. Service invoices are expected to be paid before the service is completed.


Collection & pre-treatment

  • All homes must separate their waste in two separately marked bins.
  • Food waste wrapped in plastic bags is not permitted. Mixed waste will be left behind.
  • In cases of staff absence, a replacement staff will be sent when complaint is reported to us.
  • Treatment of both wastes happen within your community at a designated point.
  • The Recycling Station is emptied at regular intervals for further hand separation at our treatment plant.
  • Flies, smell and aesthetics are not an issue in a well-designed system.


Food waste treatment

  • Food waste is converted into compost within a composting unit built within the community.
  • Compost units have two or more chambers for food waste only.
  • Compost has no smell and can be used in the gardens.


Monthly service plans

Our trained staff can collect and treat all the waste in your home. Food waste is treated and composted within a compost unit and dry waste is sorted. When full, we empty full composters & recycling bins to send it onwards for further processing and recycling. Depending on the number of homes, a days service takes upto 2-4 hours.


Single visit per month                                                                                             Rs. 1,000/-

Weekly collection service per month (4 visits)                                                   Rs.  2,100/-

Bi-Weekly collection service per month (8 visits)                                              Rs. 4,000/-

Alternate day collections service per month (15 visits)                                   Rs. 6,000/-

Daily collection service per month incl. Sunday (For upto 65 units)             Rs. 12,000/-

Daily collection service per month (For upto 150 units)                                  Rs. 15,500/-

Monthly consumables (bacteria, odour & fly control liquids & powders)    Rs.  750/-

Monthly consumables (For upto 150 units)                                                        Rs. 1,500/-


Payment information & terms

  • 100% Payment must be made in advance before material is expected to be delivered.
  • A signed and stamped service contract is required before any start of a service plan.
  • 100% Payment must be made in the same year/month of any service provided.
  • Ordered infrastructure can take upto two weeks for delivery. Please order in advance.
  • Please make all payments by cheque or e-banking to ‘vRecycle Waste Management Services’
  • In case of e-banking, make payments to A/c No: 4511143003, Bank ISFC Code: KKBK0000702 Bank Name: Kotak Mahindra Bank, Margao, Goa.
  • All item pricing is inclusive of applicable GST.
  • Some composting units are tax exempt. Please check before ordering.
  • Transport & delivery charges may be extra. Please check before ordering.
  • Service plans are exclusive of tax and may be extra if applicable.
  • Service plans do not include staff conveyance charges and may be extra if applicable.