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10 thoughts on “Recognition

  1. Hope to see the door to door dry waste collection in betalbatim get some boost soon. You have done a good job by educating about garbage segregation, introducing to composting. We are grateful to you
    as we have started growing our own veg. using compost.

    1. Hi Steve, we’ed be happy to start in Majorda. Please ask you village panchayat to contact us and we’ll take it from there. If want to give us your waste directly, then contact us. -clinton..

  2. it is 15 May and now 2pm – I have been waiting all morning to see your vehicle in Nuvem (I livee on a main road through Nuvem). I went to the panchayat the other day to ask about your services and they claimed to not even speak english let alone understand what I was asking. Please give me proper info about your garbage collection in Nuvem, therefore.
    kind regards

    1. Hi Caroline, We don’t work with Nuvem Panchayat yet. However we do support a few private homes in Nuvem. I have already sent you an email with details if you’d like to sign up. -clinton..

  3. Hello Clinton
    Nice to hear about your work, I happen to be a resident of Davorlim Panchayat , I had a talk with the Sarpanch and he seems interested in resolving the issue of garbage faced by Davorlim residents. On 15th of November 2015 we are having Gramsabha, I was wondering if you and your team can start with a small presentation and get actively involved with the panchayat staff in solving the issue. Please let me know of any assistance needed from my side.
    awaiting to hear from you soon

  4. Hi Clinton,
    wanted to know, how i can handover my home waste to your recycling plant.
    I live in Borim, Ponda. also want to know, what kind of waste you accept. like Plastic, papers, glass, metal ??

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