Recycling Bins & Compost Units

Collection Bins

Collection Bins within homes

Everybody that vRecycle serves must separate their waste within their own homes. We have two bins of adequate size to ensure that all waste placed in standardized colour coded bins with lids and easy to read signage stickers on each bin.

09 & 15 Lt. Home Bin Set (The basics for waste separation at source)                     Rs. 0850/-

080 Lt. Dry Waste Bin (Ideal for storage of dry waste upto 1 week)                           Rs. 2100/-

100 Lt. Dry Waste Barrel (Cheaper storage option for dry waste)                               Rs. 0900/-

240 Lt. Dry Waste Trolley Bin (Ideal for storage of dry waste for 2 weeks)              Rs. 5500/-

Secondary Collection Bins

For larger communities, a secondary set of collection bins is required during doorstep collection as well as storage of waste in between treatment collections. These German bins have clear signage, are odour proof and have wheels for easy transportation.

120Lt. Wet Waste Trolley Bin                       Rs. 4500/-

240 Lt. Dry Waste Trolley Bin (Chinese)  Rs. 4500/-

240 Lt. Dry Waste Trolley Bin                       Rs. 5500/-

Dry Waste Disposal

Recycling Station

Collected dry waste must be separated into recyclable categories before it is recycled. For larger communities, a recycling station is mandatory. At this facility, waste is separated into multiple categories and stored (in marked 240 Lt. trolley bins with signage and a display board) upto a month before it is emptied and transported to our approved recycling partners.

04 Bin Recycling Station (Ideal for communities with upto 15 homes)        Rs. 40,000/-

04 Bin Recycling Station along a dead wall                                                         Rs. 35,000/-

08 Bin Recycling Station (Ideal for communities with 25-50 homes)            Rs. 99,000/-

08 Bin Recycling Station along a dead wall                                                         Rs. 80,000/-

08 Bin Recycling Station with barrels (Located in a secured room)              Rs. 18,000/-


Food Waste Disposal

Composters for single homes

Food waste from your home can be turned into organic manure in your backyard without a problem. Food waste must be deposited into a composting and treated to contain odours and pests. In 2-3 months, good quality compost can be harvested.


Composting Starter Kit   (Contains treatment liquids, gloves, rake & sawdust)        Rs.   750/- x

Bada Khamba Home Composter (Ideal for a 4-person home)                                       Rs. 2,350/- x

100Lt Barrel Composter (Ideal for a 4-person home)                                                      Rs. 1,200/- x

Jali Composter (Ideal for a 4-person home and small garden)                                      Rs. 1,300/- x

Vermibin (Home composter (Ideal for a joint family or 8-person home)                   Rs. 7,500/- x


Composting Station for Institutions & Communities

Food waste from multiple homes can be turned into organic manure in without a problem. Collected waste is handled by trained staff who treat the food waste in a composting unit and harvest good quality compost in a few months. These composters can withstand pests and rainy weather. Can also be locked.


Composting Starter Kit   (Contains treatment liquids, gloves, rake & sawdust)          Rs.       1,500/- x

Manthan 300 Tumble Composter (for a community of upto 10 homes)     Rs.    13,500/- x

Concrete Composter – 5mt x 2.5mt (for a community of upto 40 homes) Rs. 1,00,000/- x

Concrete Composter – 5mt x 5mt (for a community of upto 80 homes)     Rs. 1,95,000/- x

200Lt. Barrel Composter (suitable for seasonal composting needs)             Rs.      3,000/- x

Garden Waste Disposal

Horticulture waste such as plant trimmings, lawn shavings, dry leaves and branches can be composted or mulched instead of burning. Material must be manually cut, chipped or shredded before placing into composters for a quick composting cycle. In case of large volumes, mechanical shredders may be used. Resulting mulch, if used around plant roots results in reduced evaporation losses, while the mulch slowly composts.

Leave it Pot – Medium size (Suitable for garden waste only)                         Rs.       2,900/- x

Vermibed – 12ft. (Suitable for garden waste only. Assembly required)       Rs.       3,500/- x

Bhide CS 33 Electric Chipper/Shredder with 7.5 HP motor (600kg/day)      Rs.     65,000/- x

Bhide CS 50 Electric/ Tractor driven Chipper/Shredder (w/o motor)           Rs.     70,000/- x

Turn your organic waste into a soil fertilizer without any hassle, smell or pests with one of the many composters listed below:


Manufactured in Australia, this three sided Top-Loading composter has a hatch and the bottom of each side for efficient removal of compost. This composter can accommodate upto 5kgs of food and garden waste per day. Though easy to install, this composter cannot be moved once functional as it has an open bottom.


The Mushroom is a Top-Loading composter with a hatch at the bottom for compost removal. It can accommodate upto 5kgs of food waste per day. The spinning top portion of the bin connects to an internal blade that helps aerate the compost. A sieve at the bottom sieves compost falling into the bottom hatch.


The Roli-Poli is an attractive 10 sided tumble composter that’s designed to be space-efficient. Made of UV-Fibreglass and Aluminum struts it is designed to withstand the elements. Accepting food waste through its snout, the pig must then be rolled around once for aeration and composting within its multi-chambered body. Compost can be harvested in 3-4 months. Also available in Elephant and Hippo variants.


The Vermibin is a 2-Cell batch composter that can accept upto 3kgs of both food and garden waste per day. Like all batch composters, you alternate loading compartments each time one is full to ensure that compost can be harvested without any interruption. The Vermibin can be placed on paved surfaces and also be used to compost with worms (vermicomposting) if its feet are placed in water trays to isolate it from ants.


The Leaf Basket is designed, as its name suggests, to compost fallen leaves and other garden trimmings. Add your yard sweepings, and water daily, to get good compost in 3-8 months.


Add up to 1kg of leaves or semi composted material per day to the terracotta Leave-It Bin over the course of 2-3 months, and then empty out the compost. Partially composted can be returned to the bin for another cycle.


The Vermibed is a garden batch composter designed for large volumes of leaf and bulky garden waste (max. 20kg/day. While a loaded unit takes 3 months to break down into compost, a second unit may be set up so one can alternate loading between two units every 3 months for continuous use. Available in 5 sizes.


One of the most efficient composters that could also be sourced at your local hardware store. This Top-Loader consists of a circle of chicken wire mesh supported on open ground by its own weight.  Though composting waste is in full view, and emptying requires some lifting effort, it can accept 6kg of waste per day and works best with a mix of kitchen and garden waste together.


The Kambha is a three-tiered interchangeable terracotta pot system for composting. While the first and second pot are interchanged when full, the lowest pot remains fixed for compost to mature. The standard size can accommodate upto 1kg of waste per day, enough for a regular household of up to four people. Compost is ready in 45-90 days. A smaller variant is available for a household of one or two people.

For detailed pricing, download the Home Composting Solutions Brochure or contact us via e-mail.


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